Director, Creative Producer & Founder.

Welcome, fren.

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Hello, fren.


Cem is an interdisciplinary Director, Creative Producer & Founder from Berlin.

Founder & Creative Director at CLOCKKNOCK GmbH,
and Director at Film Production Company EXOSOLAR FILMS.

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Cem's journey
🎬 Interdisciplinary Media Expert & Futurist
Cem is an interdisciplinary director and creative expert with extensive experience in the media industry, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the entire pipeline of film production, digital content, blockchain applications & AI. Cem fuses creative expertise and cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of media, film, and digital landscapes.

🎥 400+ Creative Campaigns and Productions
As the founder of creative studio, CLOCKKNOCK GmbH, and film production firm, EXOSOLAR FILMS, he has directed, produced, and consulted on +400 campaigns for various institutions, non-profit organizations, and innovative brands.

🌐 Pioneering Web3 Strategies
He is the Host of Germany's first NFT & Web3 Podcast NFT Mania, Producer & Author of the Web3 Project WOMEN HACKERS CLUB. With his consulting company Monolith Square A.S. in Ankara, Cem's team offers top-tier consulting and Web3 strategies to regional artists and brands. Between 2021 and April 2023 he worked as the co-founder of Metonymy Machine GmbH in Berlin, creating Germany's leading NFT launchpad, EveryNFT now transitioning into "The European Web3 Collaboration Hub."

👀Buidling AI Tools
Cem has been bulding an AI-Story Optimization Tool based on attention Heatmaps and is working on more sophisticated concepts in the intersection of AI, Social Media and Blockchain.

🌟 Scholarships, Cultural Advocacy & Contributions
Cem has received multiple scholarships, including from Social Impact Labs and Mediengründerzentrum NRW, actively supports the Turkish diaspora, and has spoken at EU cultural and media events related to Turkey. He is also a Frequent Contributor to industry events, conference speaker on Content Production, AI, Web3, Digital Empowerment & Ownership, most recently at NFT London. Additionally, he coaches soccer in a Berlin amateur league.



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